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ASK Yes, that is our motto. More than that, it is our creed, our commitment, our core belief. In the more than thirty years that WPC has operated in Northern Illinois, we have learned that contractors, utility operators, and engineers appreciate those three fundamental aspects of our business philosophy.
Knowledge may appear last, but really it is first in importance. Listening, asking questions and finding answers are skills that come with hard work and commitment. WPC is always training its staff in these skills. We don't think of ourselves as sales people, we think of ourselves as Problem Solvers. Every time we solve a problem, we get smarter. The smarter we are, the more problems we can solve. Knowledge is both the collection of experiences and the understanding of resources. Among our outside and inside staff there is more than 300 years of practical experience in the water and sewer business. An extensive library of standards, product information, and expert contacts is kept in our offices. WPC participates in all pertinent industry associations to keep abreast of the current issues.

Service and Knowledge go hand in hand. Service to WPC is both delivering answers and delivering product: on time and complete. WPC provides same day, next day or scheduled delivery service to any location within a three hour drive of its facilities. That includes just about any place in Illinois from Sprinfield north, and some places in Indiana and Wisconsin. WPC combines its own fleet of trucks with contracted services to insure that the product you need, whether several semi-trailers full, or just a single small item, is there when you need it.

Availability is part of our triangle, without which Service would be impossible. WPC believes that one of a distributor's primary functions in the supply chain is to have the inventory as close to the customer as possible. A look at our stock yards in Aurora and Bloomington will confirm that commitment. For all types of products, from the basics like pipe, hydrants, fittings and valves - to the latest air tight sanitary sewer products - to sophisticated leak detection equipment and state of the art metering devices - WPC has everything needed to take water from the treatment plant - to the user - to the wastewater treatment plant.

We are always ready to help. Just ASK WPC.

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